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    Fees & Policies


    • $250 Couples Intake
    • $200 Individual Intake
    • $200 Couples Therapy
    • $175 Individual Counseling
    • $75 Group Therapy


    Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment as sessions will also end on time.

    Generally, sessions are weekly. On occasion other arrangements may be made.

    All individual and couples counseling sessions are 45-55 minutes.

    Therapy Groups are 80-90 minutes with a no cancellation policy (more information on this, please see the group page).


    A credit card number is collected and securely kept on file at the time of scheduling your first appointment. Sessions fees are automatically charged at time of service. Clients are able to keep credit card details up to date in the client portal.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please provide as much notice as possible when changing appointment times. Sessions that are missed or canceled with less than 24 hours noticed will be charged at the full session rate.

    How the cancellation policy benefits both therapist and client

    I understand that it’s difficult to pay for a session you did not attend. I get that. And, it’s simply not possible for the business to sustain the loss associated with unpaid sessions. I get that things come up; we all fall ill at times; and, details get forgotten. I believe we all benefit from living with integrity and taking responsibility for our agreements and how we impact each other with our actions and inactions. Giving ample notice is not only respectful of my time and the commitment we make to our work together; but, it also allows for the possibility of another client to be seen on short notice.


    It is with intention and care that I choose to not accept insurance. Insurance points the focus on diagnosis and functional impairment. In other words, insurance requires an emphasis on what is wrong. I prefer to focus on healing and growth while building on what is already working well. That being said, I am able to provide a monthly invoice (superbill) for you to provide to your insurance in hopes of reimbursement. Please be aware this form requires a mental health diagnosis and may become a part of your permanent medical record.

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!